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With over 25 years of experience, we provide our clients with broad knowledge and personalized service.

Dear Friend,

My name is Anna Mae Wiersma, but most people know me as "That List Lady." That's because my last job was in circulation and mailing services.

When I quit back in 1996, the person who took my place didn't want to do what I had been doing. But there was a problem. People were still calling my former employer for the services I used to provide!

How a Receptionist Accidentally Built My Business...

After I quit, the receptionist kept getting calls from people who needed mailing lists. "Hey!" she yelled out. "Who was that list lady who used to work here?"

"Anna Mae."

"I've got a person on the phone who needs a list. Should I just send him to Anna Mae?"


That's how it all started. The job I quit followed me home! And from that point on, thanks to the receptionist, I became known as "That List Lady."

Targeted Lists When You Need Them

Because of my background and my ability to hunt down targeted lists, it didn't take long before word had spread about my list services. Every day the phone would begin ringing and it wouldn't stop ringing until quittin' time.

It is now 2018, and my team and I are still helping businesses all over the U.S. find lists and get better results from all their direct mail promotions.

We are particularly good at finding targeted mailing lists for auto shops, accountants, hair salons, insurance agents, dentists, chiropractors, non-profits, and just about any other retail industry or service professional who wants to generate more leads.

9 Reasons Why Small Businesses Choose "That List Lady"

Why has That List Lady succeeded when so many other list brokers have failed? Here are 9 reasons why...

Reason #1: That List Lady is approachable. Rather than pushing you to a cold web site, That List Lady gets on the phone with you, listens to you, determines exactly what you need, and hunts down the best list for your offer.

Reason #2: That List Lady helps you understand the true costs of direct mail. If for some reason direct mail is not the best option for you, we'll tell you. We'll even steer you toward free marketing channels until you can afford direct mail.

Reason #3: Because of our well-established relationships in the industry, and our volume of orders, That List Lady provides competitive rates that you would not be able to get on your own.

Reason #4: That List Lady saves you time, hassle, and frustration. You don't have to collect quotes from multiple vendors because That List Lady does all the heavy lifting for you. One phone call... and you're done.

Reason #5: Selection, selection, selection. With access to more than 40,000 specialty lists, That List Lady can locate the perfect list for your mailing, no matter how obscure your target market may be.

Reason #6: Access to both compiled lists and response files means that you can get a list based on demographics (age, income, geography, etc) or one based on a person's buying history (recent purchases, size of purchase, etc).

Reason #7: Marketing expertise. Because of our in-house marketing experts, That List Lady can help you develop innovative marketing strategies that work for you -- without having to pay to have somebody on staff full-time.

Reason #8: That List Lady knows how to keep a secret! Anything you share is strictly confidential. We never discuss any specific information about one client to another.

Reason #9: Most importantly, That List Lady knows your success is dependent on the quality of your list and takes that responsibility very seriously. In other words, the success of That List Lady is directly tied to yours, which is why we'll go the extra mile for you.

Our Process in a Nutshell

Once we've had a chance to talk and you've explained what you're looking for, we'll leverage our long-standing business relationships to find the prefect list for you.

Before you ever receive the list, an extensive merge/purge will be done to eliminate any duplicates between your house list and the list you're renting.

The list will also be run through National Change of Address (NCOA) to make sure all addresses are the most current ones on record. All of this prep work reduces nixies, eliminates waste, saves you valuable marketing dollars, and ultimately increases response.

Best of all, That List Lady can take your freshly scrubbed list and send it directly to your mailing house. Which means you could be on vacation and your direct mail piece would still go out!

Want a Quote?

If you're ready to try us out, pick up the phone and call (402)679-2264. We'll ask you a few questions to understand your business and who your ideal customer is.

Then, if the quote looks good to you, we'll simply step through the process I've outlined above. There’s no high-pressure selling ever, and you can "think about it" if you want.

For even faster service, please complete our online "Request a Quote" form.

Looking forward to working with you!

~Johnny & Lindsay Kurtzuba
"That List Lady"

P.S. Getting ready for your next mailing? Request a quote to see how we can help you.

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